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Discover a place in Singapore that offers everything you want, and establish a quality home for your beloved family. Signature at Yishun Executive Condominium is indeed perfectly created and conceptualized to mix a lifestyle of urban luxury and private relaxation.

Signature at Yishun Pricing and Showroom

Upcoming this May 2018, we could expect the completion of the executive condominium located at the busy town of Yishun. This executive and exclusive condominium offers a lot, from design, amenities, location and facilities. The 18, 260 sq meter site area will have 525 units and 11 blocks of 12 storeys, situated at Yishun Street 51 is being developed by JBE Holdings Pte Ltd. In addition with this is the tenure of 99-years leasehold.

Offering a fun-filled lifestyle, hassle-free traveling, and different kind of entertainment just outside your door. Signature at Yishun is perfect not only for a Single type of person but also …

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With it’s 11 towers containing 525 units and standing 12 storeys tall, Signature at Yishun is a luxurious executive condominium development. It is located less than thirty minutes away from the vibrant and bustling Orchard Road shopping area and main business hub perfect for anybody looking for getting away from it all while still being accessible to everything you need.

Signature Yishun Launching Date and Showflat Site

These stunning residences have breathtaking views over the golf course and reservoir. There are more than enough facilities to keep everybody happy. From a clubhouse to 50m lap pool to a hydrotherapy alcove, there is something to ensure everyone who stays here will be satisfied. There are still direct developer sale units in the showflat. The latest development will be Canninghill Piers that is located near to Clarke Quay Central Shopping Mall. Canninghill Piers is located just a few minutes walk from

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Yishun is a town that forms and builds that rich custom. Signature at Yishun pays tribute to the rich tradition that we have acquired for the past 50 years. The upcoming of the mega shopping centre for example North Park City and Khoo Teck Puat hospital have transformed Yishun into an attractive place to live. The condominium development according to the brochure and site plan is located close to the reservoir and the golf course has made it even special and exceptional. It is designed with a strong sense of reconnecting it with the rich heritage especially Yishun and recreating it in an innovative way for the future generation.

Signature at Yishun Price List and Site Plan

This is a 99-year old leasehold executive condominium development located at Yishun Street 51. Signature at yishun is expecting complexion in May 2018, it is made up of 11 towers and 525 units, …

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One thing that can guarantee you a peace of mind is when you are able to become a proud owner of a home in a serene environment. If you are from Singapore or planning to relocate to this place in near future, then you will probably love to be an owner of one those amazing spaces in condominium projects. Yishun New Town or just Yishun is one of the most sought after residential places in this part of Singapore and that’s why everyone is eyeing it. There are lots of condominium projects currently underway and one of them that seem lucrative is the Signature at Yishun because of the distinctive features it will offer by the year 2018. Even though the project developed by JBE Holdings isn’t complete, when it’s done, as a future proud owner, you will reap from the following.

Signature at Yishun Showflat and Review

When it …

HDB Flats sold before MOP

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) permitted 218 pads to be sold a year ago, despite the fact that the proprietors did not satisfy the required least occupation period (MOP) of five years, reported The Straits Times.

In any case, this figure just speaks to around one percent of the 19,306 pads sold a year ago, as this practice is just allowed under “uncommon circumstances”, said a HDB representative.

Substantial reasons incorporate resettlement, needing to live close to an at death’s door relative, and budgetary issues – like the demise of a provider.

There are also many other reasons that are valid which prompt buyers to sell their HDB flats.

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More are looking at Northwave EC which is located in Woodlands by Hao Yuan Investment

Notwithstanding, the dominant part of these unique endorsements were conceded because of separation.…

JBE Holdings

JBE Holdings Pte Ltd is a property development company whose goal is to enrich the lives of home owners with their commitment to growth.

Signature at Yishun by JBE Holdings

An industrious company, JBE Properties strongly believes in growing organically, using, and putting to its best use, its internal resources . They vigorously strive to be a development company that offers high quality properties in Signature ec yishun.

Imbued in its deep commitment to development, JBE strives to balance its company’s growth while coexisting with the environment. Their aim is to enhance the lives of their home owners alongside the value of their properties such as Signature at Yishun.

JBE Holdings Signature at Yishun

Signature at Yishun

JBE is dedicated to providing housing that has true quality, such as The Luxe at Handy Road, the Luxe Ville at Pasir Panjang Road, and several Sembawang terraced homes.

JBE progressively uncovers exceptional value within its core business. …

North Point City

Residents in Yishun can look forward to a new integrated development right next to Yishun MRT Station. The development will consist of residential units as well as commercial units that will be integrated with the existing Yishun MRT Station as well as Yishun Bus Interchange.

Signature EC by JBE Holdings

Fraser Centrepoint Limited has unveiled the development at Northpoint Shopping Centre in Yishun a few days back as based on the response from the ground as well as many property agencies many think that the Signature Yishun will be well received as mix developments in the north is rare and maybe highly valued. Orchard Boulevard Condo With the full integration of public shopping malls in the housing estate, the Yishun community can be set to transform Bukit Batok EC into a vibrant hub for its residents.

Signature at Yishun Northpoint City

Signature at Yishun EC

Features of Northpoint city will include a fully air-conditioned community …

Home Renters

According to a recent report by Nomura, those who are currently renting their homes could very well switch, in 2016, to purchasing their homes.

Nomura pointed out that, in comparison to the past, more Singaporeans appear to be making the choice of renting out their Signature at Yishun EC presently. They also believe that in 20016, when it is time for them to renew their contracts, those who started out renting their homes in 2014 will have enough incentive to choose to buy them.

Signature at Yishun EC Renters

This is a sharp contrast against those preferring to rent given that they are expecting a continuation in the fall of rents, while an increase continues in mortgage rates. Add to this a change in policy that will raise the Central Provident Fund ceiling to $6,000, and a leasing environment that has become quite a challenge, some landlords may eventually be …

HDB Resale Volume

According to analysts, regardless of a drop in volume and pricing of HDB flats, there are still indication that a stabilization is in sight for the market.

Resale figures overall dropped by 0.5% for last month, according to the most recent data from SRX Property. Figures are also down 4.3% compared to a year ago for Signature at Yishun.

At the top of this list were mainly 5 room apartments, which dropped by 1.2%. There was no change in the prices of 3 room apartments, but executive and 3 room apartments had dipped by 0.9% and 0.7% respectively. Coming after a 3 month period of fairly flat figures, this news seems to put a dent in the speculation of a potential bottoming out.

Signature at Yishun Resale

Transaction volume for the resale market was also down by 9.2%. Last month saw around 1,552 flats exchange Signature at Yishun JBE owners, …