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HDB Resale Volume | Signature at Yishun

According to analysts, regardless of a drop in volume and pricing of HDB flats, there are still indication that a stabilization is in sight for the market.

Resale figures overall dropped by 0.5% for last month, according to the most recent data from SRX Property. Figures are also down 4.3% compared to a year ago for Signature at Yishun.

At the top of this list were mainly 5 room apartments, which dropped by 1.2%. There was no change in the prices of 3 room apartments, but executive and 3 room apartments had dipped by 0.9% and 0.7% respectively. Coming after a 3 month period of fairly flat figures, this news seems to put a dent in the speculation of a potential bottoming out.

Signature at Yishun Resale

Transaction volume for the resale market was also down by 9.2%. Last month saw around 1,552 flats exchange Signature at Yishun JBE owners, a figure that was down from June’s 1,709 units.

Property experts believe, however, that this drop is more than likely a fluctuation seen month to month, with one expert believing this to be a seasonal occurrence. It has been seen that the 2nd Quarter of the year tends to be more active seasonally, because buyers views tend to be more positive given it is after the Chinese New Year. This would mean that this July dip was expected for Signature at Yishun.

Eugene Lim, the key executive office for ERA Realty, has labelled this decrease in price as not being very significant. He has said that these HDB resale prices are largely within the margin of expectations, with a continuation of prices being transacted pointing to a market that is stabilizing.

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Yet another expert feels that the dip in price is just one month and quite small, making it something to not be concerned about. He further adds that, while resale value was lower for July, compared to a year ago the figure is still higher. This suggests that a stabilization in the market is still just ahead, and no reason to make a U-turn as its just a mere bump in the road.

It is expected by Signature Yishun experts that the rest of the year will see resale volume and prices remaining resilient. However, analysts have said that a recovery will still need to take some time, referring to cooling measures that have been ongoing in order to stem the demand of resale.

Another expert pointed out that the expected income ceiling raise for newer flats would draw the attention of buyer away from the resale market, thus slowing down the recovery of Signature at Yishun prices.

Signature at Yishun

Others feel that sellers have nothing to worry about however, stating it isn’t likely that they will make a loss due to prices still being fairly high in comparison to what they were in 2009.

Joey Change, a 29 year old customer service officer, shared that in 2012, when price were higher, she purchased her 2 room apartment in Clementi for over $390,000. She further shared that they were still having to spend funds on renovating the new apartment, due to her moving into a newer 4 room unit in Signature at Yishun with her daughter and husband, and she fears she may not break even with the sale at this time.